Monday, 29 July 2013

Pre 1st week detox

So having restarted my weight loss journey again for hopefully the last time I've decided the way for me to go having exhausted most other possibilities is clean eating.  It seems to me to make sense - eliminate most processed food.  It means removing wheat/gluten, dairy, sugar/sweeteners, caffeine and alcohol plus anything used to process food like E numbers etc and initially seems incredibly daunting an idea (quite honestly how do people live without cheese!  Its like living without shoes-technically possible but slightly uncomfortable and bound to make you grumpy) but with some thought I've decided I can manage it.  There is some allowable dairy (Cheese Lite) and I've even had a bash at making my own chocolate (form an orderly queue by the kid's cash register for I am planning a Thorntons takeover any day now).  Plus the idea of 'clean' eating of any form is perfect for a person with OCD, much better than slightly grubby eating and therefore it pleaseth the mind goblin.

I'm currently on a pre diet detox. I am hoping by tomorrow my Juice Plus shakes will have arrived.  I did think they had come earlier but turned out to be more toy car parts for Mr J and, despite a gestapo like interrogation of Mr Parcel Force Man, the shakes proved to be non forthcoming.  Once they do I will switch from detoxing to two shakes a day plus a clean evening meal and clean snacks. I think it was the idea of snacks plus the allowed 'cheat snack' and 'cheat meal' per week that finally swayed me this way knowing that if I am hungry I can still eat and I have something to look forward to as well.  If I try other plans that deny me this I get quite 'hangry'-Maoribadger in a food rage is not a pretty sight, I tend to throw my weight around (and thats an impressive feat!).  But for now am merely eating clean until Mr Parcel Force Man makes his trembling way up the path to my house to deliver the slight frazzled looking mad woman her box of shake powder.

So I've been and done the inevitable reshop (its like normal shopping but with the added zealotry that comes from the initial days of a new dietary plan and always looks very virtuous as it passes through the till meaning you can hold your head a little higher than the days you slink past Ms Asda with a metric tonne of M&Ms) and stocked my cupboards with plenty of 'clean' treats (seeds and nuts aplenty).  I've acquired a notebook to log my progress and keep a food diary as I have found that really helps. I've also done my measurements and taken the 'photos of shame'. And for the 1st time am going to share them and my long term goal to really shame me into total honesty.  The photos of shame remain in a locked vault made of kryptonite guarded by Cybermen.
Height: 5-3 (95% of this being attitude)
Weight: 17 stone 11.5 lb / 249.5lb
BMI: 44.2
Body Fat: 46%
Size: 22
Waist: 45in
Hips: 55in
Under Bust: 40in
Over Bust: 48in
Butt: 52in
Right Thigh: 31in
Left Thigh: 30in
Left Arm: 16in
Right Arm: 16in

My Goal: To lose 110lb/slim into a size 12 by 2014 with toned and defined muscles.  I am doing this because I want to wear nice clothes and feel girlier, be able to look in the mirror without cringing and mostly to play with my children.  To do this I will give up regular takeaways, work out 5 days a week, follow the plan and not give up after 2 weeks or let anyone get in my way ESPECIALLY ME.

To facilitate this I have reshopped, I am in the process of joining a new gym (the last one closed after I'd been there 3 weeks - way to make you paranoid) and have bought myself  a vibroplate, a rowing machine and a mini stepper to go with my kettle bell and fitness DVDs to form a not too shabby home gym. Now to overcome my 14 day plateau!

And thus far am 5 days in and totally enjoying myself.  The hardest fight for me has been giving up my caffeiene habit.  Reduction from over a litre of carbonated fizzy pop a day to zero has left me with headaches that leave me fully convinced there is a small gnome hiding somewhere who likes to an axe between my eyes at 3am.  However, I've medicated the little fecker into oblivion with nurofen and am travelling on with no caffeiene.  A little tired maybe but thats par for the course with my medication anyway and certainly doesn't seem any worse than usual but in terms of food I don't feel deprived.  Pancakes, burgers, chocolate, sausages. It all seems possible and pretty tasty too. I've even weathered a bout of gastroenteritis and managed to stay clean and not resorted to my usual feeling sorry for myself diet of full fat coke and wispa.  Apparently they aren't obligatory-who knew!

And in myself I am already feeling a difference.  Sleeping better and waking more refreshed with a lot of those little niggly aches and pains you take for granted seemingly vanished into the ether.  I feel less bloated and noticing my reflux not at all.  So my journey is started and I hope you might want to walk a while with me (it'll count towards a workout!) and keep me company as I find out who is actually hidden underneath all this blubber.  Its going to be a long but fun ride

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